Stardom, Sobriety and Saving Horses from Wildfires

Intro Actor Producer Animal activist recently did a lot of good work rescuing horses from the Woolsey fire in LA Sober Kundalini Yoga student About Join me as I talk to Billy McNamara about: His road into the entertainment industry.

In this episode I’m joined by William McNamara

– Accomplished actor and producer
– Animal rights activist
– Long Term Sobriety
– Kundalini yoga student

Join me on the this episode of Through The Fires™ as Billy and I talk about:

– His road into the #entertainment industry.
– The quick rise to #stardom.
– The #upsanddowns of the business.
– His path to and into long-term recovery from alcoholism.
– The crazy story about the recent Malibu fires in Southern California and how he saved two horses, literally, walking through the #Woolseyfires.
– We finish by talking about what #sobriety looks like for him.

You will definitely want to hear Billy talk about the power of living in surrender over compliance.